Attention All Horseshoe Players

In order to avoid the chaotic first night of shoes and having everyone be there at the same time even if they don't shoot till 8 - 9 this is the plan:

On Fun Friday night May 12th from 6 - 8 we will have a table set up at the lodge where you will come and pay for shoes and pick your team number.

This way I can set up the schedule, post it on the website and all will know what time they are playing on Wednesday May 17th.

There will be food available for purchase. So come out eat, drink and 


See you Friday May 12th !!!!

                                         RON STONER & DAVE SCHOLLENBERGER 2016 CHAMPIONS

TIME      PIT         TEAMS

7:00       ONE        TOM & DENNY   1ST 

                             KEVIN & JOEL 2ND

             TWO       JAY  &  SCOTT    1ST

                             SCOTT & JOE  4TH

             THREE    RON & DAVE     1ST 

                             DARRYL & STEVE 3RD

             FOUR      JOHN & TODD   4TH

                            NICK  & RICH     2ND

             FIVE      JANUARY  &  JOHN    5TH

                             RICH  & KEVIN  2ND

             SIX         RAY  & KATIE  7TH

                             CLIFF & STEVE  9TH

             SEVEN  DOUG & DENNIS  4TH

                            ASHLEY  & ANDY  3RD


             EIGHT    DENNIS  &  AL  2ND

                            JEFF  &  ERIC  6TH






























                                Pit 1                Pit 2                Pit 3              Pit 4                Pit 5              Pit 6                Pit 7            Pit 8